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Satisfy OSHA Training Requirements

OSHA requires companies to use a variety of teaching methods, including training videos, presentations, and written materials (see sidebar).

OSHA Requirements

Training shall consist of a combination of:

  1. Formal Instruction (e.g., lecture, discussion, interactive computer learning, video tape, written material),
  2. Practical Training (demonstrations performed by the trainer and practical exercises performed by the trainee), and
  3. Evaluation of the operator's performance in the workplace.

Source: 1910.178(l)(2)(ii)

Forklift Posters

Forklift Safety Poster - Keep it Low, Keep it Slow

Forklift Safety Poster - Forklifts: Things You Should Know

Osha's Final Rule for Powered Industrial Truck Operator Training requires operator training and licensing as well as periodic evaluations of operator performance. This training video and materials was developed to assist in complying with these regulations.

The Forklift Operator Safety Training Kit provides everything you need to meet the OSHA formal instruction requirement.

Materials are available in DVD and VHS formats, Powerpoint® and PDF files.

Training Kit Contents

  • Your Choice of a DVD or VHS Training Program
    • Contents of the Standard
    • Types and characteristics of forklifts
    • Pre-operational inspections
    • Basic driving, stability, and load handling
    • Fuels and batteries
    • Attachments
  • Complete Leader's Guide on CD with printable items
    • Quiz and Answer Key
    • Training Log
    • Certificate
    • Copy of OSHA Standard 1910.178
    • Wallet Cards
    • Listing of Site Specific Information
  • Forklift Safety Plan
    • Fill-in-the-blank manual
    • Follow the printable instructions
    • Print your own custom safety plan!
  • Power Point® Presentation
    • Contains 58 customizable slides and corresponding instructor notes
  • Additional Information CD
    • Includes booklets from OSHA, NIOSH, and Other health and safety organizations
    • Hundreds of pages of printable information
    • All information pertains to the operation of forklifts
    • Includes some items in Spanish

Complete Training Kit

CCS-KD11-123 - $125.00

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VHS Training Package CCS-V11-123 Y $99.95
Employee Booklets CCS-B11-123 Y $1.25
Additional Information CD CCS-A11-123 N/A $9.95
Forklift Safety Poster CCS-P813 or CCS-P825 Y $10.95
Jumbo Forklift Safety Poster CCS-JP813 or CCS-JP825 Y $19.95
Forklift Safety Plan CCS-M11-123 N/A $19.95
Power Point®
CCS-PP11-123 N/A $19.95